History of Portsmouth

Learn about the historical roots of Portsmouth Development LLC’s name


Historical Roots for Portsmouth Development, LLC Name

The sloop-of-war USS Portsmouth was launched in 1843 in Portsmouth, NH. She was sent to the West Coast of the United States prior to the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. When the war began, Commander John B. Montgomery was under orders to prevent Great Britain from taking advantage of the situation to claim new territory. On the morning of July 9, 1846, he sent a detachment of marines to raise the American flag over the town of Yerba Buena near the Mexican adobe Custom House. The town was renamed San Francisco after Mexico ceded its California territory to the United States at war’s end. The town plaza where Commander Montgomery and his marines raised the flag is now known as Portsmouth Square, the center of many early-day activities and currently the entrance to Chinatown.

The rich history of early San Francisco and the role of the USS Portsmouth and her Commander Montgomery (for whom Montgomery Street is named) were the inspiration for the naming of Portsmouth Development. Our goal is to create projects that will continue to enhance this vibrant, ever changing city while honoring the many events that shaped this global city.